Scenes from a weekend

Fancy drinks, home show, fancy coffee, Mahjong, Settlers of Catan, donuts, homefries, Downton Abbey, Sons of Anarchy = weekend.









January 22, 2012. Philly. 4 comments.

Happy Saturday!

I think this can best be described as a vat of cafe au lait.


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Botanist Gin

I read an article about Botanist gin early this week and sent it to Jordan soon-to-be-Ph.D, who LOVES gin. It’s made in the Bruichladditch distillery. Now, I’ve only ever enjoyed Hendricks, also Scottish. But Jordan insisted that we track it down, which involved emailing the distillery in Scotland, receiving an email from the US distributor and calling a million (approx) liquor stores.


It’s at a.Kitchen. Soon to be at other places.

Tonight, we arrived at a.Kitchen and found out that they had been “warned” about us.

Well. I arrived. Jordan was late. I whiled the time by talking to the bartenders about whiskey, which is more my bailiwick.

Suffice it to say, it’s quite good. Herbal, but not medicinal. Quite smooth. Delicious on the rocks and with soda.

From Jordan:

Juniper is not overwhelming. None of the alcoholic tang that makes you think of the nurse’s office.

Photo by Jordan.

January 13, 2012. Philly. 2 comments.

Red Beans and Rice

Over Christmas, the family did our traditional Christmas Eve tree buying jaunt, complete with a visit to the Indian grocery store for samosas. While there, Dad picked up a bag of beans for my brother and I – Christmas presents. I got a bag of red beans and LJ got a bag of black-eyed peas.

I prepped the 2 pounds of beans this weekend. Half went into the freezer with their cooking liquid, and the other half was used in tonight’s dinner.

I rendered down some bacon in coconut oil and then added onion, garlic and random spices. I used some Weyerbacher golden ale to deglaze the pan – holy hell, that smelled good.

I added the beans, as well as some (previously frozen) leftover turkey and chicken broth, then let the pot simmer away until the liquid had reduced enough.

Served with rice!


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Yesterday’s Eats

I finally visited Percy Street BBQ’s Comcast Center location. I’d been warned in advance about both the deliciousness and post-lunch-coma-inducing properties of the sandwiches, so I decided to get three sides instead:

Greens, Pintos, Cole Slaw @ Percy Street BBQ

Collard Greens, Pinto Beans and Cole Slaw. Perfect lunch, especially because I finished it off with nut brittle from Dr. Lindsay’s fabulous momma Mary. Mary, that brittle is AWESOME. Recipe please?

Last night ended with an unplanned return trip to Dim Sum Garden with Linda.

Juicy Buns (soup dumplings) @ Dim Sum Garden

Juicy Buns, of course.

chinese broccoli @ Dim Sum Garden

Chinese Broccoli with LOTS of garlic.

Asparagus @ Dim Sum Garden

“Seasonal Vegetable” – UNBELIEVABLY delicious asparagus. Perfection.

Pan Fried Steamed Soup Dumplings (off Menu) @ Dim Sum Garden

Pan Fried Steamed Soup Dumplings. So. Good.

taro bun @ mong kok station bakery

American Cheesecake @ mong kok station bakery

We finished the night with a taro bun and “American cheesecake” at Mong Kok Bakery.

December 3, 2011. Philly. 2 comments.

Sunday cookies

May I suggest double chocolate peanut butter cookies as a good way to end your weekend?


November 13, 2011. Make it again. 1 comment.

Weekend Wandering

Pictures from a wonderful weekend. Potlucks, afternoon naps, duck dinners, extra hours of sleep, walks in bright morning sunshine, donuts, and lazy Sundays – these are a few of my favorite things.





November 6, 2011. Philly. 1 comment.

Federal Donuts


Pomegranate Nutella tahina.


Vanilla lavender.

October 30, 2011. Philly. 2 comments.

Hello, Saturday

I really wanted to walk down to Federal Donuts this morning, the new donut/fried chicken spot. But it’s pretty gross and rainy, so there went that plan.

Instead, I stayed in my PJs and made coffee and blueberry pancakes. The blueberries were frozen back in July and were still perfect.


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Aah, that’s better

Finally, my books are shelved. This makes me very happy.


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