Peach Salsa

First: I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing with this relaunch. There’s clearly going to be a lot of food discussion, as that’s something of great interest to me. Will it just be a listing of what I’m eating? I’ve heard that can get old fast. Will I throw my hat in the ring as another writer working her way through a cookbook? If I do, it will probably be through Ratio. Anyway, questions for another day.

Onwards. I had big plans for tonight, plans involving the re-purposing of fruit and the gym.

This weekend involved a family reunion on Saturday and a trip up to see Nana on Sunday. The trip was partially for her 96th birthday, which had been last Tuesday, and partially for the Feast of Saint Mauro. The feast day is a huge celebration, with a processional through the town and a fair set up at the church.

On the way home, Mom and I stopped off at the Allentown rest stop’s farmers’ market. The peaches and Shiso plums were supposed to be snacks all week at work, but they were a little too soft to long enough for me to eat as-is (as-was?). The plums in particular were way, way too ripe. So what to do with them?

The peaches were chopped up and mixed with onion, the random pepper you see in the third picture down on the right*, some lime juice and salt.


That plus half an avocado and some grapes was dinner tonight.

As for the plums, they were chopped and simmered with some orange juice and craisins. I’ll use this sauce on my morning yogurt and Kashi.

*Cannot for the life of me get images from my Flickr to load. And it’s way to late for me to try and figure the HTML out, so that’ll be a project for another day!


August 18, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. candace replied:

    Is this what it’s like for you when other people talk about shrimp and lobster? I want a peach so badly but my damn stone fruit allergy will not allow it.

    • sarahdares replied:



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