“Food Weekend”

That’s what I’m calling it.


So our story begins on Wednesday night. I met everyone after Sips and we headed over towards Tria.

I had the Roasted Beets with Bulgarian Feta Cheese and the Tuscan Three Cheese Potato Chips with Smoked Paprika Aioli.  The Bulgarian feta was delicious, super salty and perfect with the beets.  Chips were good too, but I’ve yet to find a pairing of cheese + chips that isn’t good.


I meet roommate Miriam at Sweet Endings, the frozen yogurt place at 17th and Chestnut.  I got a green tea/plain mix with kiwi, raspberries and mochi.   I think I’ve gotten this combo every time I’ve gone – it’s a “don’t mess with success” kind of situation.  I like it enough to continue to get mochi, even though I have to explain to whomever I’m eating with exactly what mochi is.  Come to think of it, I’m not sure if I really know what it is.  I always describe it as a kind of marshmallow, chewy goodness…thing.

Wikipedia tells me that it’s glutinous rice, pounded into paste.

I think I’ll stick with my definition.

Then it was off to the Philadelphia Shakespeare Company’s performance of Henry VI.  Excellent performance.

Post-play, the group decided to grab a late bite at Amada.  This was about 9:30pm and the kitchen closes at 11pm.  We had time to order two rounds of tapas.


Clockwise from bottom: Ensalada Verde, Albondigas, Cheeses, Tuna/Black Olive/Caper dip.


Tortilla Espanol was the one thing I definitely wanted.  And it was delicious.

It seems so simple, right?  Just eggs and potatoes.  But oh…the eggs and potatoes.  I will get this every time I go to Amada from now on.  I will try to recreate it and most likely fail, because I will be unable to keep myself from adding garlic or something else.

In the interest of pacing myself, that’s where I’ll end for tonight.


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