“Food Weekend” part 2


…having trouble remembering what happened on Friday.  Let’s see…work, obviously…oh!  Lots of work.  Working for hours.  Then!  I got a text from Miriam inquiring about dinner plans.  She and the rest of the group were at the Art Museum for Art After 5.  Pub & Kitchen was suggested, but they had all been to Butcher & Singer for the $6 burger. And of course, a P&K trip would be almost wasted if the Windsor burger wasn’t ordered.

So we needed to figure out another place. I remembered reading about a revamped restaurant a while ago, but couldn’t recall any details.  Naturally.  I skimmed through my Google Reader (completely invaluable tool), but couldn’t find anything.  So I tried my luck with Open Table and managed to stumble upon a few reservations for Meritage. Huzzah! That was the very place I had been trying to remember!

I got to the restaurant a good half hour before the rest of the party, so I sat at the bar and enjoyed a lovely rosé. The party number changed twice and the hostess was completely cool about it each time.

Their menu is divided into snacks, small plates, and large plates. I got two snacks and a small plate.

The first was the Eberly Farms Chicken Liver Pate, spiced plums and crostini.


I love pate.  Love it.  And this was very good.  Not too many other people at the table enjoy liver, so I had this almost all to myself.  Convenient.

Next up was Pan Fried Hudson Valley Fois Gras Dumplings with a truffled herb brown butter.


Oddly enough, everyone’s liver aversion didn’t extend to these.  The dumpling part was a little tough, not as tender as I thought the wrapper would be, but the foie was delicious.  Foie-enjoyment aside, I probably wouldn’t get something like this again, anywhere.  Foie is good enough on its own, anything else just sort of gets in the way.  There’s a lot going on here – it’s almost like some sort of weird Food Trends Bingo.  Foie!  Truffles!  Brown!  Butter!  Fusion!  Woo!

Small plate! Pan Seared Cape May Diver Scallops with curried cauliflower and granny smith apple puree with a thai basil emulsion.


First thing – I reeaaaally liked the flavors in the cauliflower/apple puree.  Enough that I will try to recreate it in a soup this fall.  Mmm.  The scallops were extremely well-cooked, meaning masterfully done, not over-cooked.  Delicious.


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