“Food Weekend” part 3


We started with breakfast at Farmacia. Of course, the brunch trinity was present and accounted for:


Our next food stop was much later at Capogiro. They had some kind of hot pepper (jalapeno?), but I went with fig and cashew. So good.

Later, we got stuck in Brooks Brothers during the deluge that tore through the city. Luckily, we were in Brooks Brothers because someone wanted to buy an umbrella. Even more luckily, Alma de Cuba was close by. Miriam and I got cafe con leche and the guys got mojitos. Snacks included guacamole with a LOT of truffle oil, dates wrapped with bacon and stuffed with blue cheese, served in endive with some sort of jicama (maybe?) slaw.

Alma was the kick off of our “fancy food bar tour.” After a quick wardrobe change, we headed back to Center City to Parc.


We ordered cocktails (I had the Cavaldos Sidecar), the charcuterie and cheese plates. All top notch.


Next stop! Chifa. Everyone’s been talking about Jose Garces’ Peruvian/Chinese venture, particularly about the pork belly buns. And for good reason. They were friggin fantastic. However, I have to put in a word about the pan de bono – the bread they brought out along side the pork belly buns. It was like a gougère, but not as airy. Still light, but the dough was smoother. And it was paired with a siracha butter that was fantastic.

We just got drinks and edamame in the upstairs lounge at Morimoto. Despite pacing ourselves, and only getting shared small plates, we were all feeling a little sluggish at this point.

The unintentional last stop was at Buddakan. I got a glass of fantastic plum wine and chatted with the bartender. We then tried to go to Jones for something dessert-like, since the kitchen is usually open til 3am. Unfortunately, we were turned away, told that the kitchen had already closed (this was about 1:30am).

Instead, we finished the night with a slice of Soho pizza.

So. Much. Food.


August 27, 2009. Uncategorized.


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