Dang, Ina

I’m watching Ina Garten make one of the biggest pots of lentil soup I’ve ever seen. EVER.

But that’s apropos of absolutely nothing.

Tonight, I made pasta with red wine/pesto clam sauce for dinner. I did this instead of going to the gym and/or starting to pack for this weekend’s to New Orleans.*


I had the urge to make clam sauce because I realized I bought 9 cans last fall at Costco and hadn’t used ANY of them yet. Terrible. I happened to have the wine and pesto, so they got tossed in as well. I toyed briefly with the idea of cooking the pasta in the wine, but I think I’ll save that for another night with a simpler sauce.


Oh! And there was spinach in there as well. I forgot that I froze a bunch a while back and I figured I should use some of it eventually. This picture was right before I added the wine. And, oh, the smell of the sauce with the wine…

* Suggestions as to where/what to eat,** as well as stuff not related to food, are welcome in the comments!

** Already on the list: Cafe du Monde, muffeletta, oyster po’boy.


September 2, 2009. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. cuzin carin replied:

    looks amazing. lovely picture.

    made the quiche. crust took like 11 hours of hard labor. well worth the work. I’ll send back the recipe!

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