Dinner Disclosure, 9/15 and 9/16

Yesterday, I got home from work and forced myself to get changed and go to the grocery store. I had used the last of the peanut butter the day before and had been out of oatmeal for quite some time. I had a pretty small list, but all important things. I also thought I’d grab a rotisserie chicken for dinner and lunches this week.

But where’s the fun in that? Instead, I bought a whole chicken to cook. My original plan was to break it down and roast the pieces, which would take much less time than roasting the whole bird.

And then I got the bird on the cutting board and decided that it was NOT the night to teach myself the fine art of butchery. Roasted whole for the win!

I stuffed the cavity with garlic and lemon, slid some pesto underneath the skin, and laid it all on a bed of carrots and onions, with some purple potatoes on the side.

Since roasting it whole meant the chicken wouldn’t be done until 9:30, I had to figure out something else for dinner. So I tossed some brussel sprouts in the oven at the same time and started caramelizing the half an onion that didn’t go with the chicken. Not bad.

The chicken did come out around 9:30, giving me enough time to carve it up, put the meat, veggies and broth in separate containers, and clean up.


Dinner tonight came together quite easily. I made a gravy with the fat and juice from the roasted bird, and some other broth and wine. I threw in some spinach, peas, and the roasted veg and chicken. The whole thing was served over rice. I had originally planned to make biscuits, but got home too late and couldn’t deal with turning the oven on as well as the stove.

Now I have TONS of chicken in gravy that I’m going to freeze with the rice. Hellooooo easy lunches.


September 16, 2009. Uncategorized.

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