New Orleans Part 2

I’m not going to do a full recap of the entire New Orleans trip, you can see it in its near-entirety here.

But the food…

First though, you should probably know about our cast of characters.


My younger brother, known as LJ, is the one who organized the trip. He’s the one in the pink (NOT SALMON) shorts (ok, that joke made more sense when those shorts were newer and less faded). Tagging along with him were his friends from college: John, Fargs, Neil (shown here sans arm), and Jordan.

We arrived in New Orleans extremely hungry and asked the hotel clerk where we should eat. She suggested Acme Oyster House or Deanie’s. As you saw in New Orleans Part 1, we went to Deanie’s.

The server brought over some boiled potatoes with butter when he came to take our drink order. These were SO good. They were boiled in some kind of spicy seasoning that added a really nice kick.


We also got an order of onion rings, after seeing them delivered to a neighboring table.


I went with an oyster po’boy.


I know what you’re thinking…is that one sandwich or two? It’s one. The fried oysters were good, but not very seasoned. Oysters, while delicious, don’t have much of a taste on their own. The french bread was probably the best part of the sandwich, but it’s bread, so it doesn’t have that strong of a flavor. There’s also as smear of mayo, a sprinkling of lettuce, some tomato and pickles. Once I added more pickles and a few dashes of hot sauce, the sandwich on the whole improved. Not enough for me to declare my undying love for the po’boy, but enough for me to finish most.

Later that day, we stopped by Cafe du Monde for the beignets.


Oh momma. I love fried dough. And these were little pockets of fried deliciousness covered in ridiculous amounts of powdered sugar.


I mean, look at this:


Totally worth the trip.


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