New Orleans Part 3

The po’boy the day before wasn’t that good, but the beignets were awesome, so I guess we’ll call that a draw.

I was disappointed, even though I liked the beignets so much. I was in New Orleans! I was so excited to get there and eat all the amazing food! And on my first day…meh.

For breakfast on Saturday, we took a walk down to the French Market, with the general idea of going to Cafe du Monde again. But the line was out of control. This picture doesn’t really do it justice:


But the line goes from the window inside at the back of the store, all the way through the tent, and then all the way along the outside of the tent.

In other words, no beignet breakfast. We kept walking and eventually ended up at the Market Cafe. It offered an $8.95 buffet with “Southern food” and we were starving. And I don’t know if that’s why it tasted so good, but it hit the spot.


Neil and I both ordered coffee and the server sassed us a little. “You want coffee? What kind of coffee? We got a lot of coffee round here. We got cafe au lait, cafe mocha…”

I was thrilled to be able to quote Denis Leary: “I want. Coffee. Flavored. Coffee.”

The server seemed rather disappointed in our non-adventurous coffee orders. LJ did get a cafe au lait, but he didn’t like it, so I’m counting that whole exchange as a win for Neil and myself.

Then it was off to the swamp tour. Did you know that alligators like marshmallows?


Hot dogs too.


I just realized I didn’t eat any alligator while in New Orleans. I can’t tell you how disappointing that is.

The boys wanted to rest up after the swamp tour, but I wanted to get a muffaletta from Napoleon House.



I chatted with the bartender, Mario, for a while and then headed off to the New Orleans School of Cooking, where I found out that you can indeed buy roux in a jar. Jacob, friend and fiance of roommate Miriam, had asked me to bring some back, but I had insisted that such a thing was not real. Unfortunately, I couldn’t bring any back because I wasn’t checking a bag and didn’t think I could get it past the airport security. Instead, I bought a praline.


It was SWEET. Like, crunching on the recrystallized sugar sweet. Woo. Bit much.


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