New Orleans Part 4


Saturday night dinner was at The Gumbo Shop. This was one of the best meals of the trip. I was pretty skittish after the somewhat disappointing start to the culinary portion of the trip. I told the awesome woman at the New Orleans School of Cooking (the same one who enlightened me as to the existence of roux in a jar) about Friday’s lunch and she agreed that Deanie’s was just ok. Now that we had established somewhat similar tastes, I decided to ask if The Gumbo Shop was worth it.

She totally paused before responding, “Yeah! People seem to like it!”

Now, I took the pause to mean “I would never go there, because I make my own gumbo, but I guess it’s ok for you tourists.” And quite frankly, I was ok with that.

LJ and I split the chicken and Andouille sausage gumbo to start.


It was very good, savory and not too spicy, but well spiced.

I ordered red beans and rice with Andouille sausage.


Delicious. This is the one dish I’m going to try to recreate at home. I cheated a bit and bought a jar of red beans seasoning, but I figure it’s a matter of learning to crawl before walking.

Or something like that.

Time for dessert. Our awesome waitress, Sue (“Mah name is Sue, and I will be taking care of y’all”), went around the table taking our dessert orders. She came to my brother, LJ, who ordered the pe-can pie.

Sue stopped writing and looked up with a scary glint in her eye.

“Son. I’m gonna tell you sumthin’. Now listen up. Pe-cans are in the hos’ptal. Down here, we have pe-caaaaans. Now do you want to change your ordah?”

LJ was completely thrown by this. He panicked. And asked for a slice of pe-can pie.

Sue glared again.

“You’re a smartass, aren’t ya. Any one ever tell you that?”

I raised my hand. “I have!”

And then I ordered the bread pudding with whiskey sauce.


Wooooh. I was pretty stuffed at this point and it’s a testament to how well I ate that day that I couldn’t even make a dent in this.

After dinner, we tried to find another place to listen to jazz, but ended up just walking around. By some small miracle, we actually found ourselves hungry again around midnight. Conveniently, we were near the open-24-hours Cafe du Monde when this happened.



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