New Orleans Part 5

Onward! We’re up to Sunday now. Honestly, I’m not sure how we were still eating at this point.


Breakfast was at Cafe Pontalba. The cafe is on one of the corners of Jackson Square, right near the cathedral.

I got the veggie omelet (actually, I think it was called a “Cajun” veggie omelet). This was a bit of a surprise – I didn’t expect it to be so good! After all, how many omelets have you had with flavorless eggs and either limp or uncooked veg? TOO MANY. The eggs had real honest to goodness flavor and the veggies were perfectly cooked.


The grits and biscuits were awesome as well, probably the best of the trip, so it’s really saying something that the omelet stood out so much.

This was a pretty substantial breakfast, so none of us were that hungry for lunch. We had walked around for the rest of the morning, eventually making our way down to the river to the Southern Food & Beverage Museum, which is located in the Riverwalk mall.

We figured it’d be a bad idea to walk into the museum even a little hungry, so we all got a snack.


I went with what I thought would be a small dish of coleslaw and an order of hush puppies. I foolishly added hot sauce to the plate. I say foolishly, because one of the hush puppies kind of rolled into the pool of hot sauce and kind of soaked a bit of it up. And also the hush puppies were straight out of the fryer, which made them pretty hot, temperature-wise.

My first bite was of this scalding hot piece of fried cornmeal, soaked in hot sauce.

My tongue has JUST recovered. Aye.


The museum is relatively new, but it’s clear the organizers are committed to preserving this piece of Southern history. It’s not a big space (it actually used to be a Limited store, but they didn’t come back after Katrina), but there’s a lot they can do with it. While we were there, they were raising funds to renovate a giant wooden bar they had salvaged from a restaurant. It was seriously massive, covering almost the entire back wall.

Other things of note:


Ah, celebrity endorsements. I feel like we should have discussed this in my law school Property class, instead of that Vanna White case. Granted, Vanna White is probably a little more recognizable than Sarah Bernhardt…

Also, there was this:


Pretty sure they were making wine in what used to be the Limited’s dressing rooms.


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