New Orleans Part 6

After visiting the Southern Food & Beverage Museum, we stopped off at the Harrah’s where I managed to turn $5


into $10!


Dinner that night was at Remoulade, which is the casual side of Arnaud’s. Someone had recommended Arnaud’s fancy Sunday jazz brunch, but the guys balked at paying $35 for breakfast. Pssh, I say derisively.

We had stopped off at the hotel bar for LJ-required mint julips after Harrahs and the super cool bartender, whose name escapes me,

I ordered a half dozen oysters to start, because I decided I couldn’t leave New Orleans without them.


Oh, man, I was really really glad that I got these. Absolutely delicious.

LJ got the…gumbo? Jambalaya?


Whatever it was, he seemed to enjoy it.

I also thought I’d get an order of crab-boiled new potatoes with my Natchitoches meat pies. Potatoes and meat pie! What could be better?


Oh snap. The meat pies come on a bed of fries. Dang. Kind of wish the waitress had told me that. Everything was really good, even if it was 2x potatoes.

Sadly, this was our last good meal in New Orleans. The next morning, before our flight, we tried this terrible place – The Corner (Oyster House). Our first clue should have been that the waitresses were wearing referee striped shirts. The service was terrible and the food was even worse. I never thought I’d leave New Orleans hungry, but it happened.


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