Dinner Disclosure, 9/30, and a plan

Tonight there was a chill in the air.  Fall seems to have arrived and I know this because I have broken out my cold weather mainstays, opaque black tights, and was still chilly.  Love it.

As previously documented, I also love Sweetzel’s.  I could have just grabbed a package and a gallon of apple cider.  But tonight I was feeling a little ambitious.

I had read this recipe earlier this week and was intrigued. I had planned to make ginger cookies – not snaps, something softer and cakier – all last winter, but somehow missed my chance.

This was the only thing on my mind tonight, not dinner. I put the cookie dough together and stuck it in the freezer to chill. I cleaned up and realized that the cookies, as delicious as they were sure to be, would probably not cut it as my only dinner item. I still had some Brussel sprouts and asparagus left from a weekend trip to Jim & Ralph’s. Hot hot pan, glug of olive oil, veggies, diced tofu, oyster, hoisin, and fish sauces. Stir fried while the rice cooked, served with kimchee on the side.

I know you’re anxious about the cookies. I was too. Relax.


They. Are. Awesome. I did add a some diced crystallized ginger, which brought them closer to my beloved Trader Joe’s Triple Ginger cookies. And used “robust” molasses instead of “light” because that’s all SuperFresh had. They have this fantastic bite from the three kinds of ginger. These are definitely getting made again.

And now, for The Plan:

Lest you think that I’m some high-rollin, damn the cost, order the foie kind of girl all the time, let me set you straight: I’m not. At least, not all the time. September was, shall we say, excessive. August had ended with the Weekend of Food. Then there was Brahaus, and New Orleans (cannot link to all those posts, just start here) and lots of other stuff, including Zahav and Majolica, which I haven’t even posted about yet!

Plus, I want to buy a D90.

And sadly, Sallie Mae takes a big chunk out of my budget every month.

With all this in mind, I’ve decided to make October a “No Dinners Out” month. I considered making it “No Eating Out Whatsoever, This Includes The Cafeteria At Work” but that might have to be an endeavor for the next go-round. Also, I wouldn’t want to miss out on a trip to Sansom Kabob House with people from work on Friday.

So what does that mean for this space? Obviously, a lot less restaurant reviews and more dinner disclosures. Maybe trying a few things from Ratio. Exciting things!


September 30, 2009. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. Emily replied:

    That’s a pretty great idea. I was about to say “but what about pumpkin bread at Jones?!” but then I realized that brunch = ok. Whew.

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