Side note: Does anyone else have trouble with Flickr’s uploader? Mine uploads photos in the wrong order and occasionally just dies…when I reopen it, it thinks that it has to upload everything, even if it’s already uploaded it. Quite frustrating.

Restaurant week was upon us once again and a friend at work arranged a dinner for a bunch of us at Zahav. I spoke with another colleague before we left…he had gone the night before for the restaurant week dinner and told me that it wasn’t a ton of food. He lied.

We started off with Lemonnanas, which were tart and bourbony and a less trecally version of a mint julep. Fab.

The dinner portion started off with a tray of assorted salads and a big dish of hummus. My selections:


The cauliflower pickles and beet salad were my favorites. The hummus was also awesome, but I’m told that the Turkish hummus is even better. Why? Because it has butter.

We each got to pick two starter plates. Out of the six people there, I think 5 ordered the halumi:


Mm. Fried halumi with date jam. This was an amazing dish and I hate to use the trite expression, but it really was a party in my mouth.

My other starter was the fried calamari:


In retrospect, I probably shouldn’t have ordered two fried things to start. When the massive plate of cauliflower arrived, I realized that there was no way I was going to finish. But with lag between the starters and the mains, I ended up finishing most of the cauliflower. The yogurt dip was awesome, an excellent tangy foil to the rich fried goodness.

By the time the mains arrived, I was incredibly full. So I ate one little piece of “The Bulgarian” – a meatball made of lamb and beef with cumin and set the rest aside for lunch the next day. It wasn’t a lot, especially compared with the glut that was the cauliflower. I wish they would have given me a little less of that and a little more meatballs.


Of course, I had set aside the meatballs so I could fully enjoy dessert:


Chocolate semifreddo with figs and some sort of sesame honey (I think). This was an ok end to the meal – it was oddly dry and needed some sort of fruit sauce to compensate.


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    time to update cuz….gentle reminders. I need some new inspiration 🙂

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