Sunday Rambling

Yesterday started off with a lack of fun – a 4 hour lawyer class – but quickly turned around. I got to see law school friends and even got to make my first ever trip to Total Wine.

And I had BIG plans for today. Watching Sunday Morning at the gym, doing some work, cleaning the whole apartment, laundry, grocery shopping, making food, Zombieland…

But those plans got nixed when I woke up late with NO energy. I did manage to do the laundry and do a quick tidying of the kitchen and bathroom. Still have so much left to do, but still no energy. I better not be getting sick.

Anyway. I still had to eat today, right? Which provided a faint ray of hope – if I still have an appetite, I’m probably not getting sick. Yogurt and kashi for breakfast, with strawberry rhubarb sauce (supposed to be jam but it didn’t quite set up, still delicious).

Hm. Just realized I haven’t had any coffee today. Well, I guess that explains the no energy…

Since breakfast was a bit late, lunch wasn’t really on my mind til around 2:30, when I was seized with an uncontrollable urge to make gingerbread. Don’t judge. I had a box of gingerbread mix from Trader Joe’s (*coughcough*from last year), so this wasn’t a huge undertaking. Just adding eggs, water and oil to the mix while on the phone with my mom. And I also added crystallized ginger, because…well, I really don’t think I have to explain that to you.

As a little experiment, and because I couldn’t butter the pan while talking to Mom, I baked the bread with parchment paper lining the pan. Holy crap people. I know how awesome it is to bake cookies on parchment paper, but this was AWESOME. I just lifted the bread out of the pan by the paper and put it on a rack to cool. And as soon as the pan cooled, I just put it back with the rest! No washing! Friggin sweet.

The gingerbread was as good as I remembered, but I think I can do better on my own. I saw this in my Twitter feed last week and thought it sounded awesome. In a moment of curiosity (and because I had just discovered the random box of TJ’s gingerbread mix), I thought I could use that batter as the base and then add the water and brown sugar on top. But I was lazy today (see above re: no energy) and just baked the bread without anything fancier than crystallized ginger.

But now? I have a reason to make this Gingerbread Pudding. Perhaps for the family holiday party that I’ll be hosting again this year…

Oh! People, that’s another thing. What am I going to make for the Holiday Extravaganza? Last year I made ziti and Cousin Carin’s husband Ed said it was better than Nana’s. Which…whoa (I think that was a bit of hyperbole designed to get more of the leftovers though).

The main dish has to be something that either takes no time or is something I can put a lot of time into the day or week before and then just reheat when we get back to the apartment after the Nutcracker (holiday tradition!). Maybe Bouef Bourguignon with these potatoes.

In fact, I might have just decided that’s the plan.

ANYWAY. On to other things on my mind. Like the fact that I made polenta for the first time today and it was really easy and really good with Dad’s chili. Not sure why it’s taken me that long to make it…besides the fact that I made it from a mix in college and it was horrible. Ugh. It was a sundried tomato polenta, and it took me a while to come around to sundried tomatoes as well.

Also, check out these dudes: Society of Gluttony. Dang. I am kind of jealous of their adventures. And by kind of I mean ragingly so.

The No-Eating-Out-In-October is going well. I did have two lunches out this week, but they were with friends from work to celebrate the bar results coming out. Dinners this past week were mostly stirfry, except for one night when I had celery and peanut butter. In my defense, I had been at a work event that was supposed to have a lot of food, but fell short. By the time I got home, I was starving still and throwing peanut butter on celery was the fastest thing to make.

More updates this week, including tales of the farmhouse tasting menu at Majolica and Camping!


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