New Rule!

Last night, I didn’t get out of work til 7:45. I then had to wait for a bus for what felt like forever, in clothes that were probably weather-appropriate earlier in the day when the sun was out (but I was not, as I spent my lunch break reading cases in my office), but were not weather-appropriate for the 8pm wind tunnel that is Market Street.

Miriam was already at Race Street Cafe having a drink with a friend and that sounded a lot better than just going straight home. Plus, I was hungry and didn’t feel like figuring out and then making something for dinner.

So I decided to amend the “No Eating Out (for dinner) In October” rules. Specifically, an exception for Race Street, because I love it so much and I need more of it in my life.

See, Race Street was the first place Miriam and I went when we moved into our apartment. And everyone, especially Andy, Chris, and Mark, welcomed us to the neighborhood and then later celebrated with us when we passed the bar, got jobs, had birthdays…yeah, mid-October to mid-November 2008 was a good time for me. And we’d see our neighbors there and chat and take friends and family when they’d visit.

I didn’t go there a lot this summer, at least not as much as I wanted to. A few brunches here and there. But lately I’ve found myself missing Race Street. I miss going in and grabbing a drink while I read a magazine at the bar. I miss the burgers. I really miss the aioli they serve with the fries. And it’s such a welcoming place that going there is kind of like eating at home, but with more people and a better beer selection.

So Race Street Cafe dinners don’t count. I had some wine and a turkey club, plus excellent conversation and a heads-up about a new iPhone app (Bump). Nothing wrong with that.

(In other news, Ina’s making duck salad right now. Miriam’s being nice enough to make me huevos, but daaaaang Ina…I want some duck now.)


October 14, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. cuzin carin replied:

    like I said, Just Like Cheers

  2. cowgirl miriam replied:

    are you insulting my beer selection?

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