Majolica Tasting, 9/26

Oh this is from a while ago.

Mark, Mary, Danielle and I have eaten at Majolica a lot. We’ve gotten to know the staff and Danielle has even worked there for a bit (ask her about the cheese plate…or maybe not, she’s still pretty annoyed with it).

We had talked about booking the farmhouse table for a while and finally managed to nail down a date. Mark’s friend Al joined us, but we had some trouble getting the required sixth person to complete our group. Thankfully, no one else wanted the farmhouse table that night, so we were still able to sit at the table in the back.

The food:

Rosemary, sea salt foccacia. We actually requested multiple servings of this bread and once I start making bread (SOON), this will be the first thing I try to create. Just awesome.

Watermelon with 30 year-old balsamic. Mm. Fantastic pairing. Except for the micro cilantro on top. Ugh. Chef Deery looooooves the micro cilantro. I do not.

(Hey, have I addressed that yet? I’m one of those people who HATES cilantro. It has ruined many a dinner for me, like a mussels dish at Pub & Kitchen. Honestly, mussels & cilantro? Who does that? I didn’t even think to ask if the offensive herb would be present!)

Island Creek (Ducksbury, MA) oyster with shallot and champagne vinaigrette. MmOysters. Love love love oysters.

This next dish is where I had the epiphany to use the “Snow” setting on my camera to shoot the food. My life is forever changed.

Corn soup with popcorn. Everyone else got butter-poached lobster. Sigh. The soup was delicious.

Jack’s Farm heirloom tomato salad with tomato sorbet and caper berries with champagne vinaigrette and sea salt. Fab. Delightful and fresh.

Spanish grilled octopus with fingerling potato and creamy feta, kalamata olives, vinaigrette and sea salt. Aah, this octopus. It haunts my dreams. So, so tender and incredibly flavorful.

Sweetbreads, Buffalo style with blue cheese and celery. I love sweetbreads. Others at the table did not. We ALL loved this dish. Fan-friggin-tastic. The unique texture of the usually mild sweetbreads with a kick of heat.

Cantaloupe sorbet. So refreshing.

Porcini-crusted lamb with salsify, lamb jus, rosemary oil and mustard greens. Oooh, salsify. We are now friends. The lamb was fabulous, really nicely done and everything else was tasty, but I NEED to incorporate more salsify in my life. A quick Google search has informed me that it’s supposed to taste like an oyster when cooked? I definitely didn’t pick up on that. All the more intriguing.

French goat cheese with pickled beets. I love both goat cheese and beets, so this was another winner.

Shortbread cookies with Earl grey ice cream and Meyer lemon curd. I don’t really need to tell you how delicious this was, because the description should be all you need to go on.


October 15, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. candace replied:

    I’m sorry 30 year old Balsamic Vinegar? I hate you right now.

  2. sarahdares replied:

    It was like sweet, sweet candy.

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