Dinner Disclosure, 10/23

Not the best picture of dinner tonight, but I wanted to get it written down. I’ve decided to add a category for posts where I make something that I know I’d like to make again…that way, I can have a record of the stuff that I’ve made that’s worth revisiting, because it’s fast or good or, rarity of rarities, good AND fast.

This morning as I was throwing together lunch, I spotted some olives and provolone leftover from last weekend’s Wegman’s trip. “Mmm, snacks before dinner tonight,” thought I. Then while discussing dinner plans with a coworker, I remembered that I had a good deal of cauliflower left as well. I figured I would just roast it.

Then while walking home (IN the rain, SANS umbrella), I thought about trying my hand at aioli. “Yeah,” thought I, “maybe with some smoked paprika!” I was recalling the cauliflower at Zahav, but didn’t want to fry it and also didn’t have any plain yogurt on hand (that was part of lunch today).

But while thinking about what else was in the fridge, I remembered that I had some mushrooms too. I pondered throwing them into roast as well, and then that some how morphed into an Asian noodle soup.

And yet, when I actually started cooking, I turned out this:


Inspired by this PioneerWoman recipe, scallops and peas in roasted red pepper sauce over polenta. Like I said, it doesn’t look like much. But it was damn tasty.

Method (not really a recipe)

Melt/thaw roasted red peppers and chicken broth. Once melty, puree in a blender. Pour back into the pan, bring it to a high simmer. Add some dried basil. Then hey! How about some red pepper flakes? Oh and salt. Hadn’t added any salt yet, that won’t do. Once the sauce is bubbly, add the scallops and peas and let’m cook til they’re done.

At some point, start making the some polenta. Once it’s ready, ladle the sauce over the polenta and squeeze a little lemon on top.

Bam. Dinner.


October 23, 2009. Make it again.

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