Happy Halloween!

I’ll start off this post with a story that tells you a lot about me. It’s a “that’s so Sarah” story.


One time, second year of law school, I accidentally dressed up as Ruth Bader Ginsberg and went to a Halloween party that was NOT a law school party, but was full of girls dresses as slutty this and sexy that.

See, I meant to just go as a judge, but pulling my hair back into a ponytail and wearing my glasses was instant RBG.


Aaanyway, just dropping by to tell you the plans for this year. Cocktails, candy, and Eddie Izzard at the apartment before going out to a party. I’m toying with making another batch of toffee or cupcakes, for no other reason than to make them – there is plenty of candy here, but I feel like cooking something today.

Speaking of cooking, last night’s dinner in involved this beer bread from Ezra Pound Cake (no link as am typing this on my phone, from bed, thank you lazy Saturdays) (you can google “beer bread Ezra pound cake” and it’ll show up). The recipe spoke to me in two ways:

1. It was for bread and involved yeast without that pesky rising step.

2. There’s always a spare bottle of beer around here somewhere.

Oh it was good. It calls for melted butter to both cradle and pour across the top of the dough, and the butter on the bottom makes the bread crispy and delicious.

Cooking the rest of the week wasn’t nearly as exciting, hence the silence.

But more things to come, including the wrap up of “no eating out in October!”


October 31, 2009. Uncategorized.

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