Dinner Disclosure, 11/10

Well. Hello there.

A massive head cold prevented me from doing anything last week beyond going to work and sleeping. I couldn’t taste anything, which led me to Campos on Friday night and this:


Roast pork sandwich, with broccoli rabe, sharp provolone and roasted long hots.

It wasn’t quite the spicy I was looking for, but delicious.

Then I left for the weekend and went up to Boston. I visited with the CMMs and LJ and had a lovely time. Upon returning, I found that the mess I had made while packing had not magically disappeared and for some reason, my laundry pile has just gotten bigger. Weird, right?

Last night I grabbed a sandwich from the deli across the street, but tonight I decided to cobble together dinner from whatever was in the kitchen.

Hence, one of the first TRUE dinner disclosures in a while. See, dinner disclosure started because Candace thought I was eating all this fancy food at fancy restaurants. When in reality it wasn’t that often and most of the time I was eating chips and salsa for dinner. But then I got into making nicer things for dinner and felt like showing them off here. That lasted, what, a month?

So, tonight’s dinner:


Peas with Parmesan and garlic salt. And wine. Oh, and 4 dumplings that I pan fried while eating the peas. Then I ate the dumplings while watching the season finale of Mad Men.


November 10, 2009. Dinner Disclosure.

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