Birthday celebrations, XIX and Franklin Fountain

On Monday, my actual birthday, I met Miriam for drinks at XIX. It’s always lovely there, with the fireplace and the view, but the service sometimes leaves something to be desired. Granted, I’ve mainly been there during Center City Sips events, when it is absolutely ridiculous.

Even though we were there on a Monday, the bar was packed with a bunch of bankers getting ready for a training session. So it was probably a little busier than the staff had expected.

We had a glass of Prosecco and these awesome wasabi peanuts and chatted for awhile. When the waitress asked if we wanted another round, we both declined. We continued talking and a little while later, she came back with the bottle and poured us another glass. This was surprising, but we thought maybe they just wanted to finish the bottle.

Getting ready to leave proved difficult, as the waitress refused to acknowledge us for a solid 20 minutes. Again, the room was quite busy with the bankers, but it was a little unsettling to watch as her eyes would just completely skip over us as we tried to catch her attention.

When we got the bill, we found out that they had in fact charged us for the second glass of prosecco. Obviously, we should have protested this, but at that point, we both just wanted to get out of there and get to this:


Mm. Franklin Fountain. That’s right. Ice cream for dinner.

I love being a grownup.


November 19, 2009. Philly, Uncategorized.

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