I bought a bunch of squash a while ago…the Hubbard, a Delicata, an acorn, and a spaghetti squash. And right after I purchased them, I took my santoku knife into Foster’s to be sharpened…and there it stayed for two weeks while I struggled in vain to get out of work in time to get there by 7pm. No hefty knife meant no squash hacking.

Yesterday, after cutting up the Hubbard squash, I thought I’d add the Delicata as well.

Dude. Delicata squash is RIDICULOUSLY hard. No lie, I ended up having to drop it on the ground to bust it open. And then I STILL couldn’t cut the flesh away from what I can only describe as the shell.

So tonight I figured I’d roast the squash and serve it on top of some lightly dressed greens. But once I started cooking (roasting the squash shards with some butter and brown sugar), I decided I wanted some pasta instead of just a salad. So the greens got added to still hot pot with the drained pasta and a splash of white wine. But the squash was waay far from being done. So dinner turned into a dish of pasta with greens, a splash of white wine, some garlic oil AND in a moment of inspiration, an egg stirred into the whole mess off the heat.

Very tasty.

The squash ended up being dessert. When it was FINALLY ready.

Dinner has become an evolving thing lately…which is kind of cool, because it’s almost like having someone cook FOR me, and being surprised by what’s presented.


November 24, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. candace replied:

    I use a cleaver and smash it against the table. Butternut squash is the worse because the neck usually snaps.

    • sarahdares replied:

      I’ve actually created a systematic way to get a butternut squash peeled and cubed.

      First, I slice the neck off from the bulb part. Put the bulb aside. Next, slice the neck part into rings. That way, you can lay it cut-side down and just slice the skin off. Once that’s done, cut the bulb in half, scoop out the seeds and get the pieces cut-side down again so you’re just pressing down on the knife to cut the skin off. Ina taught me how.

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