Village Whiskey

Celebrations! Happy birthday Dr. Lindsay!

Given how amped up (yes, amped up) I was for Jose Garces’ newest, I’m quite surprised that it took me so long to get to Village Whiskey.

I met Dr. Lindsay and Jordan there and had a glass of Bushmills 10 year and the duck fat fries. The fries were delicious, as was the cheese sauce. The whiskey was fantastic, of course, and served in a Glencairn glass – this was my first encounter with such a glass. I quite liked it, it makes much more sense than serving whiskey in a straight-sided glass and oh my god it’s another thing my Dad is right about – he serves whiskey in oversized brandy snifters.


Since we were celebrating Lindsay’s birthday (and because there really wasn’t a lot of space at VW), we headed off to The Franklin where I initially ordered a drink called the Cowboy Killer. However, the server informed me that it was thusly titled because it was meant to taste like a Marlboro Red, ie smoky.


So I ordered the Automobile instead, a whiskey/gin cocktail that turned out to have a lot more emphasis on the gin. I should stick with plain whiskey.


December 1, 2009. Philly.

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