Dinner Disclosure, 12/21

If I can be allowed to break down my typical dinner into a mathematical-like equation, I think it’d look something like this:

Base (either carb or vegetal) + protein (usually egg) = a mere half hour from the time I turn the stove on to the point where I can sit down in front of the tv with a glass of vino.

Last night, I sauteed mushrooms with some butter, garlic and thyme. Once I felt like they were cooked enough (ie, browned and softened but not mush), I pushed them to the side of the pan, cracked an egg into the middle and covered the whole shebang with a lid so the egg white could set.

Once that happened, I slide everything to a bowl, sprinkled it with salt and BAM, dinner.


Stretching my culinary limits? Not so much. Tasty and quick? Heck yeah.


December 23, 2009. Dinner Disclosure.


  1. Marisa replied:

    I think that looks pretty darn yummy! But I love both eggs and mushrooms, so it’s an easy sell for me.

  2. sarahdares replied:

    Runny egg yolk is the best sauce!

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