Oyster House, 12/30

Here’s another restaurant that I was so excited about this summer…and then never went. But! Soon-to-be-PhD Emma was in town for the holiday and we met her sister Victoria there for dinner.

First up, drinks. I started with the Oyster House punch. I read about it when Oyster House first reopened and thought it sounded like a great summertime drink. I knew they tweaked the recipe with the season, but wasn’t sure if a winter recipe would really be that good.


I shouldn’t have worried. This was awesome. Truthfully, I can’t add much more to the description beyond what Foodzings has said, so just check that out. It totally tastes like fall, but not in that spice-heavy way that a lot of “fall drinks” taste.

Please note: I don’t even LIKE gin. But I’ll drink it when it’s mixed with a bunch of other stuff.

Next up: oysters! Emma, as a current West Coaster, suggested the Mystics, which have a deeper shell, as opposed to the Wellfleets and Chincoteagues, East Coast oysters, which have a flatter shell.


All were delicious, and it was neat to compare the different types. The Mystics tasted much more of brine and were meatier. Unfortunately, that’s where my notes ended, hampered by the distractions of conversation and my lack of knowledge about oysters. Clearly, more research is in order.

(Philadelphia friends who read this: Do you like oysters? If so, want to go to a OH happy hour sometime and “learn”?)

For dinner, we ordered three of the small plates to share.


Here we have fried calamari in the front, which was pretty standard calamari, with fried onions, jalapenos and lemon as well. I’m still swooning over Christmas Eve’s calamari and cod salad, so there was a pretty high bar set. The calamari was a little tough, as calamari can be. I liked the fried jalapenos more.

Behind it is what I’m told is a Philadelphia tradition – fried oysters and chicken salad. It was decent chicken salad and standard fried oysters and I really enjoyed the combo of the two. Something about the cool creaminess of the salad with the deep-friedness of the oyster…kind of like an amped up version of dipping fried fish into tartar sauce.


The smoked trout salad was my favorite. Light and fresh salad, with the smoky trout permeating each bite. Totally awesome.

Dessert was the lime semifreddo with duche de leche sauce.


Mm. I like ending meals with a citrus dessert, it doesn’t seem to weigh me down like a giant piece of cake. Granted, I did try a bite of the brownie sundae, which was ordered by Emma and Victoria. It was a really, really good brownie, if you prefer to end with chocolate.


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