I’m writing this and then going straight to bed.

FIRST OF ALL: I know someone else with a food blog, a food blog of SUCH genius that you all need to know about it as well. OatallyAwesome. Alexis is documenting her love of oats in all their permutations. The granola bars are totally on my to-make list.

FIRST OF ALL, subsection a: (You know, like 1a) I really need to work on having some sort of blog roll here. How else will you know about all the great sites I compulsively add to my Google Reader? That’s for another night, because well, check out the title of this post.

SECOND OF ALL: Oh friends.

I’m tired.

Today was a “don’t sleep well, wake up early, break ANOTHER glass on the bathroom floor, work at 7am, completely wiped out by 3pm, but don’t leave work til almost 7pm” kind of day. I’m so tired that my speech facilities are failing and I’m hearing a constant low hum. I think it’s the sound of my tired.

I came home and had a few celery sticks spread with lovely, lovely Claudio’s ricotta that I picked up this weekend after brunch at Sabrina’s with Danielle (more on Sabrina’s later, as I haven’t downloaded the pictures yet).

Then Miriam came home and I was still hungry, but too tired to make anything that labor intensive. From the trip around the Italian Market, I had the aforementioned ricotta, two Sarcone’s rolls, and some super thick cut bacon from Esposito’s. From a family party on Saturday, I had some spinach. And eggs and onions are pretty much staples around here.



Aah egg sandwich. Bacon went in the oven, onions were sliced and thrown in a cast iron pan with butter and a little olive oil. Eggs were beaten up with some scoops of ricotta. Once the onions were frizzled (brown and crispy, as opposed to caramelized which is brown and soft), I scooped them out, added a little more butter and the eggs to the pan. When the eggs were just about done, I shaped them into rounds, laid spinach on one and covered the pan off-heat. Once the bacon was done, I took the pan out of the oven and put the rolls in to toast. Truthfully, writing this out took more effort than putting the two sandwiches together.

And now, to bed!


January 27, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Kevin replied:

    This wasn’t labor intensive?

    And if I was Miriam I’d be reevaluating some of my recent decisions, life-partner wise.

    • sarahdares replied:

      Definitely not labor intensive. Egg sandwich is something I can prepare while half asleep, be it morning or night. Sure, there’s a knife involved, but really it’s just about assembling ingredients. Everything cooks at a rather sedate pace and I just sort of push stuff around with a spoon til it’s all done.

  2. Alexis replied:

    Thank you! Long live the oat!

  3. Sabrina’s, 1/24/10 « Sarahdares replied:

    […] The day concluded with a trip to the Italian Market for a whole chicken, unbelievably thick cut bacon, ricotta, and Sarcone’s rolls. […]

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