Dinner Disclosure, 2/6

Snow day!

I got to sleep in this morning and ended up having a dream that I was drinking coffee. Sadly, I woke up from the dream with major coffee craving, a coffee-less apartment and over a foot of snow on the ground.

But! The brave people at Old City Coffee were open and I got my coffee fix. Delicious.

Miriam and I also walked up to one of the corner markets for eggs and milk (no worries, we already had bread). It was kind of nice to stomp through the snow and see which of the neighborhood stores were open. One of the things I love about snow days is that the city feels like it just belongs to the people who live there.

I spent the rest of the day doing snow-day-like things, including making this dessert:


and making this for dinner:

Egg sandwiches with bacon and fontina, sweet and regular potato hash, arugula with lemon juice and olive oil.

Now, I’m going to continue watching Season One of The OC and marvel over Sandy Cohen’s eyebrows.


February 6, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. jaime leah replied:

    oh man, i miss the OC so much. i had a huge crush on sandy cohen, which then transferred over to seth cohen.

    • sarahdares replied:

      If I’m watching this show, I’m most likely saying one of two things:

      “Sandy Cohen FEELS SO MUCH.” Because he does. That’s why he’s so awesome.


      “I LOVE Seth Cohen.” Because I do.

      This show is so amazing.

  2. carin replied:

    I asked Ed if we had a boy could we name him Seth, because naturally it would be so fab to have Ryan and Seth as sons. (sans the marissa relationship…I can handle summer though)
    Predictibly, he said in CAPS: NO. Are you serious?
    I said yes. Conversation over.
    Oh well.

    • sarahdares replied:

      Does he appreciate the opportunity you have here??? Obviously not.

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