Dinner Disclosure, 2/17

I was going to write about a series of meals that started off with sweet potatoes on Monday, but then I made dinner tonight.


Oh, friends.

I almost didn’t take a picture of it. I mean, look at that picture. It’s all brown and beige and tan. So boring.

But then I tasted it and oh, momma.

Also, it came together in about 20 minutes.

I set a small pot of water to boil and then put my nonstick fry pan on another burner with a splash of garlic-herb oil and a bit of butter. While that was heating up, I did a large dice on a quarter of a white onion. That went into the pan with the oil/butter while I pulled two anchovies out of their jar and added them to the pan.

I let everything cook away while I grabbed a bag of scallops and a bag of artichoke hearts from the freezer. A bunch of each went into a strainer and rinsed with lukewarm water to break them up. Once the pieces had mostly separated, they went into the pan with everything.

Oh! And I added some red pepper flakes and at some point the water boiled and I added some pasta.

Everything bubbled and bubbled til the pasta was done. I poured some pasta water into my serving bowl (so it’d warm up, thank you Lidia and Uncle Frank) and then used the previously mentioned (and rinsed) strainer to drain the pasta.

The pasta went into the pan with the sauce along with a generous splash of the saved pasta water, then I let it cook down (I almost said consolidate, but that seems too buzz-wordy).

Y’all, I got home at 8pm tonight. And I was sending a picture of this meal to Flickr at 8:45. During those 45 minutes, I ate a cookie while Miriam talked about going to the gym (don’t you judge me, I am nursing an achin’ back and was REALLY hungry), put on comfy pants, opened up an Amazon box with The Art of Eating and The Tenth Muse: My Life in Food and turned on the Olympics.

It’s a small comfort to know I can still eat well and quickly on stuff I just have on hand.


February 17, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Fried Wontons For You replied:

    Pasta is my go to when I don’t really feel like cooking. It never disappoints and it’s always satisfying.

    • sarahdares replied:


  2. foodzings replied:

    i love radiatore!!! i mean i know pasta is pasta despite the shape, but i feel like radiatore is extra delicious! where do you buy it? i’ve only been able to find the tri-color radiatore at trader joe’s….

    • sarahdares replied:

      It’s just fun to eat!

      I had thrown the box out a while ago, but I’m pretty sure this came from Wegman’s (where many good things come from!).

      • sarahdares replied:

        Confirmed! It was from Wegman’s, sold under their house brand as “nuggets.”

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