Evolution of a Dish

Step 1: Wake up late on President’s Day. Make some coffee, have a piece of toast so you can take some Aleve for your achin back. Watch some Olympics, putter about the internet.

Step 2: Think about brunch foods.

          Step 2a: Try to narrow down exactly what you’re craving for brunch so you can go about satisfying said craving.

          Step 2b: Come up short.

          Step 2c: Post plea on Google Chat asking someone, anyone to bring you some brunch.

          Step 2d: Lousy friends.

Step 3: Stare into fridge and find sweet potatoes, onion, red pepper and jalapeno. Think about all of that covered with a fried egg.

Step 4: Shift always-on-stovetop cast iron pan to front burner, turn up the heat and throw some bacon fat in there. Then, get to chopping!

Step 5: Onions into the pan first, followed by cubed sweet potatoes. Let’m cook a bit while you slice the peppers into rings.

Step 6: Get text from friend asking you what you’re doing for lunch.

          Step 6a: Respond you’re still cooking breakfast.

          Step 6b: “Forget breakfast. We’re going to Village Whiskey for burgers.”

Step 7: Decide to forget breakfast. Sage advice indeed.


Step 8: Layer peppers on top of onions and potatoes, add a bit of water and let it all steam.

Step 9: Allow to finish cooking, let cool, then throw in fridge to be used for something later.

Step 10: Village Whiskey Veggie Burger:


Anyone have any suggestions for how to get such perfectly fried eggs?

This is a delicious veggie burger, but very mushy.

Step 11: Hours later, you’re hungry again. Decide to make a curry with some lentils and coconut milk.

          Step 11a: Wait, how do you cook lentils?

          Step 11b: Great. Both cans of coconut milk have expired. This is what I get for shopping in my parents’ basement of forgotten foods.

               Step 11b1: Remind me to tell you the story about how one time I found ketchup down there that had expired THREE YEARS AGO.

               Step 11b2: I’m still kind of traumatized.

Step 12: Cook lentils in water with bay leaf.

Step 13: Heat up sweet potatoes and peppers with lentils and a splash of lentil cooking water, sprinkle curry powder, galangal and garlic powder.

Step 14: Eat with Greek yogurt while watching the Olympics:


Step 15: Tell everyone who will listen how disappointed you were that the coconut milk had expired.

Step 16: Go buy some coconut milk.

          Step 16a: And frozen peas! Yeah, peas.

Step 17: Get the rice cooker going on some brown rice.

Step 18: Add sweet potato/pepper/lentil goodness into a pan with coconut milk and frozen peas.


Step 20: Simmer simmer simmer.

Step 21: MANGIA:


          Step 21a: Can you say “Mangia” when talking about Indian food?


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