Sabrina’s, 1/24/10

Holy Hannah, people…I had pictures languishing on my camera from JANUARY.

Oh February, you were terrible.

This trip to Sabrina’s Cafe in South Philly was to celebrate Danielle’s birthday. Before we went, Miriam told us that the huevos were not to be missed.

Yes, we had to wait, but we were ready for that. And this was late January, when we had that period of “hey, it’s not that cold out!” I think total wait-time was an hour. We hung outside for a while and eventually made our way into the next-door waiting area.

Things moved SUPER fast once we sat down. Coffee arrived quickly, with our dishes coming soon after. Danielle got the breakfast burrito with sweet potato fries:


Very tasty. The spicy tomato sauce was fantastic.

I got the huevos with the sweet potato fries:


First, the fries were AWESOME. Exactly what I want from sweet potato fries – thick enough that you can taste the sweet potato, but not so thick that they stay mushy. I will totally judge all other sweet potato fries against these.

Second, the fries came with a little surprise – an odd little ball of what looked like wool sweater fuzz and steel wool. I’m not really one to send food back, but this was a little beyond what I’m prepared to deal with. This is, obviously, where the service fumbled.

Getting our server’s attention proved more than difficult, so I eventually snagged another server and pointed out the fuzz. He quickly whisked my plate away and a guy who I took to be the manager came over to apologize – on the whole, everyone was SUPER apologetic about the fuzz. Our server also came over to apologize and let us know that the huevos would be taken off our check. We waited a while for the plate to come back – I had figured they’d just sweep the fries off the plate and put new ones on, but turned out to mean that they were recooking the entire plate.

Once the new plate arrived, it was delicious. Miriam was right, the huevos are fantastic. And the fries, as mentioned above, are even better.

Once our plates were cleared, the check arrived, with the huevos still on it. Getting our server’s attention to rectify this was again difficult. Normally I’d just pay the whole check, but seriously – this was a BIG piece of fuzz.

When we left, Danielle and I tried to talk through the brunch. We’d felt rushed at almost every time except when we were waiting for them to correct a misstep, but the food was delicious. Is it worth the rest of the hassle? The waiting outside, the tight spaces, the rush? I’m not sure. But then again, how different is that from the majority of other brunch places?

The day concluded with a trip to the Italian Market for a whole chicken, unbelievably thick cut bacon, ricotta, and Sarcone’s rolls.


March 18, 2010. Philly, Uncategorized.


  1. jaime replied:

    i absolutely love Sabrina’s, but i totally agree with you – over the past couple of years they have not dealt gracefully with the demand. it used to be the kind of place where you could (slightly) linger over your meal, enjoy yourself, chat with your waitress about the day, etc. i used to live right around the corner and my boyfriend and i slowly noticed the overwhelming popularity…it got to the point where we figured out the best times to go to avoid the hassle: weekends before 9:30am, weekdays for dinner around 6.

    • sarahdares replied:

      Before 9:30 is veeeerrry early for a weekend, but I do mean to try dinner sometime. The specials written on the menu that day looked delicious!

  2. Alexis replied:

    Your photography is really excellent! New camera? Good lighting?

    • sarahdares replied:

      Thanks! These were taken with my Canon point-and-shoot, not my iPhone, and aided by the lovely light coming through the window.

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