Han Dynasty, 2/23/10

Handy Nasty!

I’d been hearing about Han Dynasty’s excellence from tales of the other two restaurants and thought it would make an excellent place to go whenever I managed to find myself out in the Royersford/Exton area.

But laziness pays off! Han has created an outpost, not just in Philly, but SO close to me!

It’s one of my new favorite places, especially because they also do takeout, which is quite convenient.

Coworker and friend Linda first blew my mind with this little piece of chopstick wrapper origami:


I’ve already forgotten how to do it.

We started off with the cold sesame noodles:


Linda likes these because they’re overly peanutty. I like them because they had a surprising kick from the chili oil. I think I’ll like them even more when it’s 100 degrees outside.

Then, duck soup, which apparently was a special dish for the Chinese New Year and thus is no longer available.


Which is a damn shame, because it was spectacular. I would have been fine with just a dish of the broth. I would have been fine with a plate of just the duck meat or just the pickled vegetables. The three combined? Mmmm….This was the one dish we completely polished off.

Entrees were beef with scallions:


And pea shoots:


Mm greens.

The noodles had such a kick that it was nice to have the super savory beef and the lovely bright greens after.


March 24, 2010. Philly.


  1. candace replied:

    I want those noodles now!

    • sarahdares replied:

      Come to Philadelphia and I will get you these noodles!!!

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