Hello again

This is the story of failures.

I had big plans for dinner tonight. I’ve been trying to make a big dinner on Sunday night that gives me enough leftovers to eat throughout the week when I get home from work late.

The plans! I knew the chicken was going to be good – I roasted it with lemon under the skin and thyme in the cavity, on a bed of thick-cut onion slices with carrots and parsnips scattered around.

I was also going to saute some kale and reheat some mashed potatoes from Easter dinner. This is the point where you stop picturing this glorious dinner, feel free to imagine a record screeching noise if you must, and ask me if I’m really sure that those potatoes are still good.

But we’ll get to that part of the story in a second.

First, let me tell you that I decided to crank the oven up to 450 degrees, because the last chicken I roasted took foreeeeeeever.

I’m sure some of you are already seeing where this is going. 425? Chicken takes forever to cook. 450? BURN BABY BURN.

So, the veg did not approve. At barely an hour into the cooking time, I realized that the delicious smells wafting from the oven had also acquired a bit of a burning odor. Sigh. Burned.

But I figured it’d be ok, a few pieces were more caramelized than burnt and I’d just make extra kale. Chicken + kale + mashed potatoes = still good!

Except. Remember how we were just talking about those potatoes from last week? They had…turned. Sorry, Carin – they were delicious last week.

That’s when dinner became more of an improv.

I grabbed a potato and did a large dice. This was tossed into a skillet with onion and olive oil. Things got a little dry, so I added some herbed olive oil.

…this is the part where it’s almost 11pm, I’m exhausted and I can’t remember what else went into this dish….

I covered the skillet and let the potatoes cook for a bit while I defrosted some frozen kale, aka ran some warm water over it. That went into the skillet with some of the jus from the chicken AND the aforementioned onions that had been under the chicken.


So there were a few failures tonight, but I ended up with dinner on the table and leftovers in the fridge!


April 11, 2010. Dinner Disclosure.


  1. Emily replied:

    It seems like any time I try to do something adventurous, or, I don’t know, with side dishes, dinner is NEVER before 10:00.

    • sarahdares replied:

      Oddly enough, I was so much better at this whole “getting dinner on the table” thing when I had time to plan it out, instead of throwing stuff in pans just to see what happens.

      Aah, the strange chemistry of cooking.

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