Is it bad to eat a whole bulb of fennel?

Because that’s apparently what I did last night.

I ate dinner last night – finishing off the last of the Easter pie (kind of like a quiche, but with a top layer of pastry…egg, sausage, ham, ricotta, more egg) along with a salad from the day before (avocado and tomato with juice of half a Meyer lemon) – while standing in the kitchen, chopping up a rather large Japanese sweet potato, a fennel bulb, and some carrots. These veg got tossed in olive oil, salt and pepper and roasted in a 400 degree oven for a half hour. I did this because I can never be sure if I’ll have time to eat, let alone cook, fresh vegetables before they take a turn. Since I had the time to cook them last night, I did!

I had a few pieces and let the rest cool while Miriam and I watched Justified. Aand then I had a few more pieces, including all of the roasted fennel. I didn’t realize that last night, but did today, when I went to make a salad with the rest of the veg and found no fennel.

I seem to have survived, so I guess it’s ok?

The salad tonight was the sweet potatoes, carrots, some green beans and a hardboiled egg (thanks, Easter!), tossed with some garlic powder and Meyer lemon juice again. MmmMeyerLemons. You do live up to the hype.


April 15, 2010. Dinner Disclosure.

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