Easter 2010

Aah, Easter traditions. This was our first Easter without Nana, but not the first Easter not spent at her house. That made it easier, in a way.

On Saturday, Mom and I whipped up the big pot of sauce and fresh pasta.

Sunday morning, I made the traditional fritatta with sausage from Tarone’s market in Hazleton. When it was not quite cooked through, I put it in a warm oven and went to church. When we came home, it was ready to go:


Served with the oh, so traditional Branston pickle accompaniment.

Our dinner was pretty much the same, but we did not have lamb this year…three meats seemed like it might be too much. The meal came together very easily, since it was a nice collaboration by the whole family. The menu:

Sponge Soup, made by Janine
Fresh pasta with meatballs and sauce, made by Mom and I
Turkey, made by Aunt LouLou
Ham, made by Uncle Frank
Mashed potatoes, made by Carin
Roasted vegetables, made by Suzanne
Salad, made by Suzanne

Pictures of dinner:



Nana’s absence was a little strange, but she was also there in a lot of ways…making me start the sauce out thin and then cooking it down…reminiscing about last year, when Uncle Frank forgot to bring the braciole down from Hazleton and Nana got…well, I don’t know if it’s polite to describe a 95 year old as being pissed, but she was.


April 17, 2010. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. candace replied:

    Nana’s cooking will live on in you. Only you know the secret meatball recipe.

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