East Philly?

(No, not Camden)

Miriam and I covered almost the entire eastern side of the city on Saturday. No, really.

Our day started out by taking the El to the Girard stop and heading to A Full Plate Cafe in Northern Liberties, where a bake sale was being held for Share Our Strength.

My haul included:

Cookies & Cream Whoopie Pie from Baker E

Some kind of gluten-free cookies that might be these? So, so tasty. I flagged the recipe a while back as a “this looks delicious, I should try it!”

Marisa’s granola!

We then hit the farmers’ market at the Piazza at Schmidt’s, where I picked up an “American Grain” baguette that has wild rice (could have sworn the bakery name had “four” in it, but maybe it was Wild Flour bakery?) and some Shellbark Hollow Farms chive chevre. Oh, these two items…I’m sure I could come up with a multitude of uses for them, but I’m quite content to just eat them together. Divine.

We walked back to the apartment (stopping off at ArtStar to admire the pretty, pretty items), dropped off various items, and then hopped on the 57 bus down to Fabric Row for various purchases and window browsing. And since Fabric Row is so close to South Street, which is so close to the Towers, which is so close to Chestnut Street, which is so close to home, we walked back.

Given the amount of walking, we did have to stop for some sustenance.

Hello, gorgeous:

(Side note to Stephen Starr – why are you so stingy with the vino pours? I know that you’re all rustic with your “we use regular juice tumblers instead of fancy stemware,” but that didn’t seem like a proper pour. Maybe that’s my wine dependency speaking, but c’mon man.)


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