Friday Night at Race Street Cafe

Scene: Race Street Cafe, after a long week for everyone. Our players are Miriam, who has been hungry since 3pm, and Shawn, who has been hungry since 11:30am. And me, Sarah. I really, really wanted a beer and some nachos. Beers in hand, menus merely glanced at. We all know what we came here for.

Fran: What can I get you guys?

Miriam: Chili nachos.

Sarah: Pork nachos.

Shawn: Pork nachos.

Fran: …that’s a lot of nachos.

Chris, dropping off three plates of nachos: That’s a lot of nachos.


Yes. Yes it is.


April 25, 2010. Philly, Uncategorized.


  1. jaime leah replied:

    ack! now i really really really want nachos. like, right now!

    • sarahdares replied:

      Ooh, the nachos at Race Street are so, so good. And every time I look at these pictures I want more!

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