I never told you about my trip to Osteria. I had a delicious dinner there back in March and only had dim iPhone photos to illustrate. Which leaves me with a quandry…do I piece together that long-ago meal, or make a promise to myself to go back to Osteria and take better pictures? Hm. We’ll see.

While it’s fresh, I’m going to tell you about brunch at Amis (really, Vetri? No web page?).

We were dining with a Vetri organization employee, which prompted the kitchen to send out a few extras. They started with a plate of melon with the most velvety, buttery-smooth proscuitto and egg salad with grilled sesame-seeded bread.



Oh, the bread. This was fantastic. Lightly brushed with olive oil, chewy and crunchy, slightly charred from the grill. Oh, the bread.

Our first round of plates came out shortly after.

Potato frittata:

Pecorino trio:

Buffala Ricotta with fava and english peas:

This was so delicious – the ricotta was whipped lighter than air and the favas and peas were bright, little pops of flavor.

Grilled Scamorza with pickled vegetables:

Ask any of my cousins on my Mom’s side – we all thought “scamutz” was a Hazleton-only cheese. I’m always excited to see it elsewhere.

Clam Cockles Scallions And Scrambled Eggs On Toast: DSC_0275

Whoa, Nelly. Clams and eggs? Why have I not had this before? Heavenly.

Raviolo All’uovo:

When the waitress described this dish, I swear her eyes lit up. And for good reason – take a sheet of pasta, place a scoop of polenta in the middle and put a little indentation in the middle. Into this indentation, place an egg yolk. Place another sheet of pasta on top, cook for two minutes (precisely TWO minutes). This was spectacular. The sauce was just a little brown butter and was perfect.

Spring Onion Lasagna with stracciatella:

Very tasty.

Tonnarelli Carbonara:

Carbonara is delicious, but part of its deliciousness stems from its simplicity. I think the only improvement you can really make comes from the quality of the few ingredients that are called for. So, obviously, the ingredients were good, so this dish was good.

Grilled Asparagus with poached egg in a bag and olive oil zabaione:

How pretty is this?

Bufala Ricotta Ravioli with asparagus:

Such lovely Springy colors.


Ooooh, the BREAD.

Cookie plate:

Awesome with the coffee.

Olive oil torta with whipped cream and marmellata:

My love for olive oil cakes has been documented before. This was fabulous.




April 28, 2010. Philly, Uncategorized.


  1. Jessica {The Novice Chef} replied:

    This all looks delicious!! 😀

    • sarahdares replied:

      It was all so amazing!

  2. car replied:

    did someone have to roll you out of there? where is this place and when can you take me?? sans husband and child.

    • sarahdares replied:

      We really should do a fancy brunch sometime.

  3. candace replied:

    I want to go! Sans husband and child also!

    • sarahdares replied:

      It can be a “Mommies and Me” brunch, but the “Me” will mean, well, me. Instead of meaning “babies.”

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