Dinner Disclosure, 5/3

Oh. Hello, May.

I saw this recipe for Spaghetti Carbonara today and it sounded like the perfect supper. I already had some pretty awesome bacon and eggs in the fridge from DiBruno’s (Friday night’s dinner was going to be egg sandwiches, but then I became “indisposed” aka got hit with a lovely, lingering migraine that hung out til Sunday morning, so this became a no cooking weekend) and I always have some sort of pasta around.

That plan some how morphed into salmon cakes. Not sure how that happened, but when I left work, dinner was to be salmon cakes on a bed of lightly dressed arugula. I even went to Sue’s to buy red peppers, along with my usual haul of celery, carrots and tomatoes.

But then I walked home from Sue’s with Linda and well…apparently freezing all day in an office doesn’t really offer you a buffer against this muggy weather. It was pretty awesome at first, to walk outside and feel like I was defrosting. But that wore off pretty quickly.

By the time I got home, I wasn’t feeling standing over a hot stove. But I had all these veggies…and I had planned on pasta…and I did have some chicken sausage in the freezer…

Pot of salted water on the stove, set to high.

Slice four frozen sausages into rounds, swirl olive oil in the nonstick pan, throw in sausage and turn up heat to medium-high.

Slide away from the stove. Let all that hotness handle itself.

Start chopping. Celery first. Slice most into pieces to be consumed with baby carrots and grape tomatoes as workday snacks. Set those aside. Take three stalks and do a fine dice. Into the bowl they go.

Stir pasta, shake pan o’ sausage. Walk away.

Wash larger tomatoes that were supposed to be roasted in the oven along side the salmon cakes. (Seriously, me? You knew it was 80 degrees out today. Use your head.) Slice larger tomatoes in half, put in bowl.

Taste pasta. Turn off heat, rinse colander, and then strain. Toss with cold water, then shake to release excess. Into the bowl it goes.

Slice carrots! Large dice on red peppers!

Sausage has browned! Flip it over to other side.

Toss contents of the bowl with herb olive oil. Add garlic powder, salt and pepper. Chiffonade basil. Toss.

Sausage browned on both sides! Slide into bowl and give it all a stir. Taste. More salt, more pepper. Something still missing? Perhaps the arugula I’m going to serve it on will supply that bit?

Plate one for me and one for Miriam.

Taste. Still not right. More salt? WAIT. Needs something acidic. Lime juice.

Much better.

Mangia, while watching The OC, Season 2’s Chrismukkah episode.


May 3, 2010. Dinner Disclosure.

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