Last night, I made brownies. Yes, during the terribly oppressively hot weather Philly has been enjoying, I turned on my oven.

The brownies are a somewhat surprise for my friend’s birthday today. I say “somewhat” because he begged for brownies like a dehydrated man begs for water. Happy birthday, Jacob.

I also meant to make a pie, and even went so far as buying the peaches and, impulsively, the rhubarb. I was even going to make my own pie crust from scratch, because how hard could that be? I was just going to work a full day, come home through the aforementioned gross hotness, and tackle two baking projects, one of which involved a fair amount of skill.

Hah. I know. I know.

So I just made brownies from a box. Don’t tell Emily. (Those bridal shower brownies? Also from a box. Shhhh. The bride said it was ok.)

Today at work, I was still thinking about pie. And cooking. But not cooking, because, ugh – hot. Then I saw one of the many “ways to beat the heat” articles online. What made this one special was it suggested making pudding pops.

Pudding. Pops.


Then I found this recipe online.

And, lo, I had a project for tonight.

This is an experiment in two ways. First, I’ve never made pudding from scratch before. I’ve watched my mom make it and scoffed at her. I mean, instant pudding is completely delicious. (Side note: I’m slightly pudding obsessed right now. I went to a NJ diner for dinner on Saturday and got pudding for dessert and it was AWESOME.

So I was a little nervous about making it from scratch. But how hard could it be? The recipe seemed fairly straight forward.

I’m delighted to report that it wasn’t that hard, but it did take a lot longer to cook than Deb’s 15-20 minutes. I used the time to strain a batch of cold-brewed coffee (1 cup ground coffee, 4.5 cups water, let sit overnight) and watch an episode of Barefoot Contessa.

The second part of the experiment is the making of the pudding pops. Can it be as easy as freezing pudding?

Now I’ve got four mini dishes in the fridge and five potential pudding pops in the freezer. Keep your fingers crossed, folks. This just might revolutionize my life.


July 7, 2010. Make it again.

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