So You Think You Can Make Dinner Super Fast

Dinners recently haven’t really been about cooking so much as they’ve been about assembling. First, it’s been hot. Second, it’s been hot. Third, I’ve been busy at work. Fourth, it’s been hot.

On Sunday, Anna Mae sent me back to the city with a bunch of pulled pork and various other weekend leftovers. I heated up the pork with some salsa and jalapenos. The pork was then layered with tortilla chips, avocado, lettuce, Monterrey Jack cheese, and sour cream. Delicious.

Last night was a taco-ish salad with a few pieces of rotisserie chicken (another weekend acquirement).

Tonight, Linda and I walked home through Chinatown and stopped off at the grocery store. For $8 I got two stay-fresh boxes of tofu, scallions, a small head of broccoli and kimchi.

Once I got home, I chopped up the veg and another piece of chicken. Everything was added to a pan with some sesame oil and garlic. Sauce was some char siu and it all came together in about 10 minutes.


Wah-bam. Dinner.


July 27, 2010. Dinner Disclosure.


  1. LuLu replied:

    Looks absolutely delicious

    • sarahdares replied:

      Thank you! It was pretty tasty.

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