Hey Internet

Let’s say, hypothetically, that you stopped by the Vietnamese grocery store in New Jersey one night and got super excited to see they were selling cans of sardines – not just in oil and water, but in flavors like “spicy tomato sauce! – for half of what you might pay at your neighborhood bodega, that has an awesome beer selection, but ridiculous markups.

You’d probably buy a few varieties, right? And so I did. I got a can of sardines in regular tomato sauce (brand name: La Fe; ingredients: sardines, vegetable oil, tomato, salt; slogan: “El sabor de mi tierra!”) that looked pretty basic and one of “spiced Portuguese sardines in tomato sauce” (brand name: Mascato; ingredients: sardines, tomato sauce, olive oil, hot sauce, chile pepper (piri-piri), cucumber and salt; slogan: N/A).

I decided to try the spiced version tonight in a panzanella-like salad. Meaning it also had dried bread, tomatoes, and mozzarella. And it was gooooooooooood (confidential to Portugal: we need to talk about your definition of “spicy”). So good, that I’m pretty sure I’ll make it again with the can of boring tomato-sauced sardines and try to spice them up with Tabasco or something.

So that aside, the first experimental tasting of the Vietnamese grocery store sardines was a success.

But here’s what I need to throw out to you, dear Internet.

I also bought a can of octopus in vegetable oil (brand name: La Fe; ingredients: octopus, vegetable oil, salt; slogan: “El sabor de mi tierra!”). Internet, what am I supposed to do with it?


August 30, 2010. Dinner Disclosure.

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