Catching up

I spent all weekend with some pretty awesome people at a fabulous wedding on top of a mountain, and it reminded me that I have stories to tell!

A while ago, over a month to be exact, I emailed Jordan a recipe for black bean burgers that prompted a discussion about the merits of grilling (which would impart a smokey flavor) vs. pan-frying (which would allow the patties to stick together better). We decided that first pan-frying and THEN grilling would be optimal. So, recipe finalized, we decided to get together for a bean burger BBQ.

I was in charge of preparing the bean mixture, so I doubled the recipe, and made a few substitutions:

Black beans
Garbanzo beans
Corn No thanks. I added in a chopped up roasted red pepper that I had stashed in the freezer.*
Small onion, diced I had shallots, so used those instead.
Sesame seeds
Garlic powder
Black pepper
Garam masala Had none on hand, so I used a spice mixture called “Niloufer’s instant easy effect” that Danielle brought me from San Francisco. It’s a little more Creole than Indian, but I figured it’d be ok.
Pecans (or walnuts). Had walnuts, so used walnuts!
Cornmeal. I stopped by Chinatown, because Linda claimed that the Chinese use cornmeal all the time, and that we’d definitely find it there. I used her Chinese-reading skillz to find something called “corn flour” which I decided was preferable to “corn grits” – I think cornmeal is somewhere in-between, so figured cornflour would be better at holding the patties together, especially with the added liquid of the peppers.

Another thing we talked about was to add an egg to the mixture, to give the patties extra-cohesiveness. But, uh, I forgot to add it. I’m happy to report the dish was still a success.

The preparation couldn’t have been easier. I put the ingredients that needed chopping or mashing into my small food processor one at a time and then added them to a big bowl. Everything got mixed together by hand and put into a variety of Tupperware for transporting to Jordan and Dr. Lindsay’s. Once there, the burgers were formed, given a brief turn in a non-stick and then finished on the grill.

Since the bean burgers were so easy, I decided to try these pickles, again from (Never Home) Maker.**

I’m usually intimidated by pickle recipes and I don’t quite know why. But, I realized I had almost everything at home and the recipe didn’t seem too daunting. I only made two substitutions: two small spicy peppers I had in the freezer instead of small sweet peppers, and sesame oil instead of walnut oil. Maybe it’s the odd quirk of my pantry that all of these ingredients are staples, but you all need to make these pickles ASAP. Totally delicious and SO easy.

* I have had no time to “put up” anything this summer. No roasted red peppers. No tomatoes. I can’t tell which disappoints me more.

**Such a great blog.


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