Majolica, 9/10/10

My, this was a while ago.

I’ve written about Majolica before and can honestly say I’ve never had a bad meal there. And I’ve eaten there a lot.

Let’s look at some pictures of pretty food, shall we?


The always delicious rosemary sea salt focaccia.


An amuse of some sort of fish in buttermilk. Deeelicious.


My starter – ensalada de lengua de cordero. That sounds kind of pretty, huh? Before I tell you what it really is, please understand that I ate sweetbreads for the first time at Majolica because I heard that Chef Deery was a big fan of them. I figured he would know how to prepare them.

Similarly, when I saw lamb’s tongue salad on the menu, I thought this would be a good time to try it.

Actually, before I thought that, I thought about the part in Ramona Quimby, Age 8 where she is tricked into eating tongue.

Anyway. It was delicious and not rubbery like Ramona would have me believe.


Refreshing cucumber sorbet.


Mussels and monkfish. Monkfish is supposed to be “the poor man’s lobster” and I haven’t had lobster since I developed a crustacean allergy in high school. This was awesome.




For dessert, Mary ordered the cheese plate. Look at it in its glory.


I went with the toasted butter cake, which was supposed to come with a ricotta sorbet. However, another dessert option came with salted caramel ice cream. I asked for that instead and while both parts were delicious, I’ve been wondering ever since about that sorbet.

I’m not going to say it haunts my dreams, because that’s reserved for dogs in people clothes (specifically, greyhounds in suits) and scenes from Event Horizon (spoiler: the SHIP went to HELL), but I do think about that ricotta sorbet often…

So! In conclusion: you should go to Majolica.


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  1. Rosie the Riveter « Sarahdares replied:

    […] anti-many things. The aforementioned dogs in people clothes, cilantro, crustacean allergies…truly, the list could go […]

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