Sweet Potato Cakes

Remember that other half of a HUGE sweet potato* I was working with on Sunday? It’s lurking in the background of this picture and the other half is hanging out around the chicken.

I peeled and cubed the other half and boiled it til tender. Once cooked, I refrained from grabbing a spoon and just eating it as-was, and instead mashed it and set aside.

Then, on Monday, I assembled my ingredients:


Aforementioned sweet potatoes, garlic powder, half a can of green chilis and…well, you might remember this ingredient from BeanBurgerpalooza. I labeled it “corn meal” but really I think it’s closer to a corn flour. Is that a thing?

Anyway. I mixed everything together, dredged it in a mixture of the corn flour, garlic powder, salt and pepper, and then fried it in coconut oil.

Hold on.

Have we talked about coconut oil? Coworker Linda suggested I try it and while it’s not going to replace olive oil for me completely, it is pretty fantastic. I used in a stir fry for my first use and it added a really subtle coconut flavor. So don’t use it unless you want that.


The finished dish was crunchy outside and creamy inside with a bit of heat from the chilis. I served the cakes with a bit of Tonkatsu sauce** along side some ham cooked with char siu sauce and a side of tomatoes and pickled peppers. Enjoyed with a glass of wine and a view of Antiques Roadshow, Presidents Edition.

*OK, it might be a yam. But “yam cakes” sounds kind of gross.


November 3, 2010. Dinner Disclosure.

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