I had big plans to for documenting Thanksgiving this year, but that just didn’t happen. I got caught up in the cooking whirlwind and never even brought my camera to the kitchen.

We started off the day with toast and coffee, snacked on samosas from the Indian grocery store for lunch, then had this:

Sponge Soup*
Mashed Potatoes
Sweet Potatoes, red sweet potatoes that are actually red outside and yellowish-white inside.
Sauteed Green Beans
Sauteed Broccoli
Stuffing, both in and out of the bird
Cranberry sauce

…I feel like there was more, but maybe not?

After that feast, we took a little break. No one had to rush home to beat the dark, everyone just wanted to hang out and digest a little. Except Dad had other plans, plans that involved driving to Michaels to stock up on picture frames, at steep discounts. I think we ended up with $600 worth of assorted merchandise for $225? Ridiculous. But that’s how Pops Larry rolls.

I also got a sprucey candle. And yes, I’ve been burning it since I got back to my apartment.

Once we got back from our shopping trip, it was time for the cheese course:

Another blue
2 year aged cheddar
Apples, pears and clementines

Of course, after that, we needed another break. Some of us played Scrabble, some of us watched The Simpsons Movie.

And then, we ate pie:

Pumpkin cheesecake
Apple crumb
Pecan (from MANNA’s Pie In The Sky sale)

There was also a chocolate cake for cousin Janine’s birthday.

Wine for the night was a white wine we had during our Italy trip (yup, that sounds about as fancy-pants as I thought it would….Oo, dahling, we had the most EXQUISITE wine while we were touring the Continent, SIMPLY to DIE for, you must try it). It’s called Vernaccia and it really is tasty.

Scotch for the night was GlenDronach, which is a lot of fun to say. Glen-droooooooonack. Glendronick. Glen-DRONach.

* Like soft croutons in chicken broth
** There’s a story regarding the turkey this year, beyond just “It was cooked in a bag.” I had won a turkey from D’Artagnan through, but it never showed up. Still not sure what happened, but Mom had to go out on Wednesday and pick up another bird. Will the other ever show up? I’ll keep you posted.


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