Dinner Disclosure, 12/9/10

Around 4pm on Friday, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to dine well that night. Do you ever get that urge? It rarely happens that I want to have a good dinner AND have the energy to make it myself.

I found this recipe for a lemony kale salad and seared salmon. I’d never not-cooked kale before, but I had been thinking about Marisa’s lemony-spinach salad since trying it at the potluck for Amanda Hesser. Yup, it was that good.

I also decided to try Pint Glass Bread. Ambitious? Yes. But it was Friday and the only thing I had to do on Saturday was attend an Army-Navy tailgate.

A quick stop at DiBruno’s (so expensive, but so close to work!) yielded the salmon and kale, as well as some cheddar for dessert. Once I got home, I assembled the bread and got it in the oven. The kale was next, so it had a bit of time to marinate in the lemon-olive oil dressing.

It’s at this point that I started pondering putting the kale into a skillet for a super quick saute, as I was still not sure exactly why I wasn’t cooking it.

But I didn’t!


I enjoyed my lovely dinner while watching The Ref, one of my favorite holiday movies.


December 14, 2010. Dinner Disclosure.

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  1. I wish you could smell this « Sarahdares replied:

    […] wish you could smell this Remember this dinner, which included this kale […]

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