Holiday Extravaganzas

I hosted some of my family for a holiday dinner and gift exchange again this year. My previous time had been just after I started working, and when I had a lot more time to prepare. This year, the end of year rush left no time to prepare a huge vat of sauce and meatballs to accompany a big pan of ziti, so I instead bought a spiral cut ham from Trader Joe’s and made a pot of mac & cheese. But the girls started off the day with brunch at Farmacia, before taking in our yearly Nutcracker viewing. Below, the day in pictures:


The brunch trinity: mimosa, coffee and water.

Prepping for dinner

Delicious bread

Ryan, entertaining us.

LJ, trying to entertain us

Sometimes, you just have to shake out your hair.


Ending the night with a vogue.

BUT WAIT THERE WAS MORE: Brother LJ surprised me with a supplementary birthday present!


January 6, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. alexis replied:

    Oh my, She-Ra! She was my favorite! I remember the day I lost my she-ra action figure. Completely devastating.

    Thanks for taking me down memory lane 🙂

    • sarahdares replied:

      I had two – an older version and a newer one. Loved them both equally and am now wondering where they got to…

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