I wish you could smell this

Remember this dinner, which included this kale salad?

Well, I picked up a bunch of kale on Sunday, while on a Home Show/Nan Zhou adventure with Danielle that included a jaunt (yes, we jaunted) through Reading Terminal Market (other finds: some amazing, amazing apples from the Fair Food Farmstand).

Said kale was already wilty from its overnight stay in the fridge, so I made it into the lemony-garlic salad of goodness and enjoyed it with a bowl of delicious chili and a cheddar-jalapeno biscuit made by roommate Gabe and his girlfriend, Sara. Had there been no chili and biscuit, I was fully prepared to have a giant bowl of kale for dinner. Mmm, leafy greens.

Anyway, fast-forward to tonight. Snow storm + nibbles from early evening going away party for Shefali that was supposed to function as dinner = Hey! It’s 10pm, I’m watching Extra Virgin and I’m starving!

The episode was about Debi Mazar’s Tuscan husband’s desire to keep chickens in their backyard, so he can have access to all the fresh eggs for his fritattas. As a side note, I can completely relate. Were it not for the fact that I now know what chickens smell like, I would totally be one of those urban chicken owners.

Anyway – it’s 10pm, I’m watching a show that involves eggs and I’m hungry. The most logical conclusion would be to fry an egg, but what to serve with it? Gabe and Sara had brought home a loaf of garlic bread the other day, so maybe an egg sandwich?

OR maybe I’d fry up an egg whilst it was nestled among some lemony-garlicy kale?

Please note: this was a very, very good decision.


January 26, 2011. Uncategorized.

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