This is my last free weekend for a quite a while, so I’m attempting to cram as much organization into it as possible. Which includes trying to prep some blog posts so that April doesn’t arrive before I have a chance to pop over here.

Oh! But in case you’re wondering about some of my random eats, please check out my Foodspotting page – and please excuse the lack of awesome photography. I’m working with the iPhone 3G, NO not the 3GS, the 3G. Apple needs to announce the 5 like whoa.

So while I work on all that, I’ll leave you with this morning’s breakfast, prepared after I used the bike at the gym as an excuse to read a bunch of magazines. Please note that I haven’t been home, except to sleep, for the past week (or two? I don’t know, it’s kind of fuzzy), so this is based on those pantry items that I buy because they won’t expire in 2 weeks (fresh fruit would probably be delicious with this):

Mix a quarter cup of old fashioned oats with a cup of almond milk (you guys, almond milk takes FOREVER to expire, which is awesome when you forget to open your fridge for weeks at a time) and a Chinese soup spoon of chia seeds (about 2 tablespoons?). Set aside.

Fill the kettle and set it to boiling.

Add some brown sugar and a teaspoon of raspberry jam to the oats mixture. Stir again.

Run hot water through a ceramic coffee cone and mesh filter. Add two scoops of finely ground coffee.

Stir the oat mixture again.

Hey, the water’s boiling! Pour a little onto the grounds, to get them wet and allow them to “bloom.” Add more water and allow it to drip through.

Mix up the oats again and taste. Add more of whatever it needs. Add a splash of almond milk to the coffee.

Voila! Breakfast.


March 19, 2011. Uncategorized.

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