Le Bec Fin, 9/8/10

Everyone knows about Le Bec, right? I grew up in the Philadelphia area and I’ve always thought of it as the finest of the fine dining.

I heard that Chef Perrier was planning on closing Le Bec Fin at some point in the near future, I figured that I’d never get the chance to dine there. I wasn’t too upset with this, because well, it’s pretty expensive. Dinner seemed out of my reach. And yet, I was bummed (can I say “bummed” when talking about Le Bec Fin?).

Luckily, Le Bec began running a $40 four course menu for their 40th Anniversary. Much more affordable! Coworker Linda and I went after work one day.

We were seated in the oh, so fancy dining room and left with our menus. A short time later, a very distinguished gentleman came over to take my wine order. Linda must have not looked like she wanted wine and he tried to walk away without her order. This was a minor, but highly noticeable, misstep. It’s Le Bec – the service is supposed to be sublime.

Once we placed our orders for dinner, the kitchen sent out a little amuse:


Watermelon gelee with basil.

My first course:


Roasted Spanish Octopus, Chorizo in Two Preparations, Pickled Blueberries

My second course:


Roasted Stuffed Quail, Cannellini Bean, Summer Root Vegetables

Linda’s second course:


Olive Oil Poached Salmon, Fresh Summer Bean, Sauce Baumanière

Cheese plate:


Dessert trolley:


My aunt told me the story of her dinner at Le Bec and it stuck with me. Her dining companion was treating it as a once in a lifetime event and went all out. When the dessert trolley was wheeled around, he refused to choose and instead ordered everything on the cart.


Linda’s plate:


Flourless chocolate cake and blueberry tart.

My plate:


The Le Bec chocolate cake and a raspberry/lemon cake that was the best part of the meal.

Finally, the sweets:


Everything was tasty, but nothing about the meal made me feel like it was a taste of how awesome the full tasting menus would be. My feelings about this meal haven’t gotten easier to sort through, but it comes down to the fact that I wasn’t blown away by any particular aspect of the meal (except for that cake). I know we were there for what amounts to discounted luxury, but this experience didn’t make me want to go back for any of the other tasting menus. I can now say I ate at Le Bec, even if it was a brief taste.


March 22, 2011. Philly.


  1. Dan replied:

    So jealous.

  2. brian replied:

    omg. i want to eat everything.

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